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Thursday, December 23, 2010

..over the selat tebrau..

Hey you! Welcome to the second entry for tonight. Hehe. Now I’ll story about Singapore! Huhu.. it just a small country but they have Universal Studio! Hoho. I met Charlie Chaplin, Woody Woodpecker, Betty Boops and ramai lagi. Rase cam kat obersi pule. Huhu. 1 day at USS is not enough for us. Hmm. Feel like wanna come back again. Huhu. I’m so disappointed because can’t play the roller coaster due to it was under construction. sad laa! Egypt’s roller coaster was great! Awesome! Hmm. There are other types of game that I don’t know the name. Huhu. Flying chair maybe was make me feel like. Oh no! This is not the way I want killed myself. Has been sit on the chair and just used the safety belt on my waist then I was hanging on the air. It moves too fast! I was shouting and peoples were look at me like eeee..budak ni..glabah btol.. huh! I don’t mind. Huhu. Okeh stop talking about the game. (padahal da xtau pe lg game yg ade. Huhu. ) the best is we ran faster to get the turn for having only one snap with the “actors and actresses”. Shrek! I love u too! Huhu. Okeh giler. Hehe. Stop here okeh. Aha stop for USS laa. Huhu. Next day we just were walking on the street. Bugis street. Arab Street. Oh! We were walked on the road. Orchard road. Okeh. Bugis street is quite similar with Petaling Street. Arab Street provides the most beautiful shawl! Oh no! I’m adored with it but unfortunately it too expensive. But actually it suit with their pattern, style and quality. Hmm. Pasni dating nak borong byk2. SGD39 x RM2.41. okeh that is one of the shawl’s price. Huhu. We walked and walked sampai kaki nak tercabut. Dah la time nak masok tu terpakse move faster sebab takot kne tinggal bus. ehem. Actually nak berebut tempat duduk. Huhu. Naek MRT yang laju giler. From Orchard Road to what station I not remember, it has about 7 stations before arrive the destination. No more seat ok! Okeh because of all of them do not know who I am so I’m sitting on the floor. Huhu. Duduk bersimpuh ala2 pompuan melayu terakhir. Everybody looked at me. Mesti diorg cakap “isy budak ni jakun pe”..haha. Whatever! Okeh. Don’t know ape lagi nak type sebab kalo nak story all things happen memang sambung blog orang laen pon xabes2. Huhu. Conclusionnye tersangat amatlah puas ati ngan vacation ni. Suare ak masih lagi xbaek2. Garau macam jantan. Haha.


After few weeks have no post, so tonight I’ll post 2 entries. This is the first entry which is about my holiday at GAMBANG WATER PARK. Oh! Its great peeps! I can’t say by words or voice because it is like waaa....enjoy giler. Just imagine our parents enjoy the k-box. My parents use one tube together played the slides. It so sweet you know. At night we went to fun fair. Near our rooms. It is small but the games provided are awesome! We were shouting like crazy people and back from Gambang my voice was like laki ke pompuan? Huh! Okeh. Like I said before, can’t say by words or voice. So, I’ll stop here. See you at the next entry. Huhu..

Friday, December 10, 2010

..HaSiLNyE SeBuAh kESaBaRaN..

Alhamdulillah. tenkiu Allah untuk hikmah yang Kau berikan ini. Sekarang baru aku nampak betapa besarnye erti kesabaran itu. Tenkiu sangat2 kerana Kau tidak mensia2kan kesabaran aku selama ini. Kesabaran aku menghadapi segala yang aku hadapi. Inilah hasilnye. Alhamdulillah. Kini segalanya sudah terjawab. Aku dapat ape yang aku harap2kan. *big smile*

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

..KaD jEmPuTaN KaWEn aKu..

kawen sana. kawen sini. kawen situ. almost everyday aku dengar ade orang nak kawen. haisy. tergugat iman aku nieh. aku pon nak kawen jugak! hihik. okeh. baru 2 weeks menceburkan diri dalam bidang kerjaya, aku da dapat 2 invitations. officemate kawen. officemate bertunang. sumernye berkaitan menuju ke alam berumahtangga. haisy. iman aku memang tergugat. akibatnye aku sekarang ni always in mood nak kawen. okeh. nak wat request kat boipren.

bb:kumpul duit banyak2..jom cepat2 kawen..

Thursday, December 2, 2010

..memang patot pilih..

It’s already 4 days worked at BR Muar branch. First impression? Its great dude! Cool! Really love working there! Staffs there are really supportive, sporting, cool, happy go lucky. We’re work under the lower pressure. Just working there, I already have been invited for the annual dinner on this Saturday. Wow! How cool they are. Yesterday they celebrated birthday for the November’s and I was included! Oh! How lucky am I to be there with them. Even its just 4 days to be part of them but I felt like it was too long to know them.

Ya Allah! I really am grateful to You for this fate You gave to me. After almost one year I faced lots of suck things at Segamat, at last I got what I really want. The peaceful and happiness. I really hope it will be stay till eternity.

To BR’s staffs, do support me and teach me for which I do not know. All of you were my strength right now. Thank you all!