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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

True or Die?

Start with Assalammualaikum & hye everyone!

It has been too long no new entry! To lepaskan my gian in typing blog, malam ni I nekad update blog using my phone. Ehehe. Ok lets go straight to the point. Discuss about the title above. Say the truth or u rather choose to die? Yeay its actually about problem. U know when we had a problem with others, of course we will be confuse whether want to tell the truth, to voice out or just let it be and going die.

Actually I'm in this shit situation. Seriously its make me crazy!! I'm actually half crazy! Lost my power of thinking. I dunno what to do. I want to voice out all these kcuf problems but I have no strength. But after I shared my problem with my friends, they ask me to voice out, tell everything to the 'person in charge' and now i think maybe i'm a bit confident to meet that person. Thanks guys! For ur support, i really2 do appreciate it. Love u! I promise i'll never make u upset! I'll tell everything. I dont mind and dont care what will happen after this. Because not they pay my salary! I'm the one who pay my salary.

Thats all thank you =)