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Saturday, December 17, 2011

..something can't be describe =) ..

Oh my goodness! i really miss my blog! really miss to be a typist! oh man! i really don't know how to describe my feelings right now. almost 2 months i left my blog. lots of story but lack of time to update in my blog.

ok. just make it short because don't have enough time. hmm. my life? oh! i'm totally had been a matured girl! being a sales exec makes me become more carefully with my words, my attitude, my appearance and bla bla bla. the most important thing it always plays with my emotion. whether u like it or not, u always and MUST to take care of customers' heart even they are actually very very dumb with this kind of loan but act like they're know everything! hate it! shit! tension? haha. don't know what the exact feels of tension because everyday feel and face the same thing. stress? haha. same answer! but whatever it is, i still be grateful because had a chance to had all of these experience. not all can easily perform this job and not all can easily handle their emotion and feeling. i'm not saying that i'm good. but what was i wanted to say here is i learnt how to control my emotions, feelings and others'.

ok. enough for my working life. how about my personal life? for sure great! because i'm having my loves one near to me. really enjoy my life. perfect two kononnye. haha. just drove where we want to go, ate what we want to eat....bla bla bla. our life is very simple but it's really awesome! we did it!

ok. enough for that. actually today i'd cook for him! pheewwwiitt!! haha. after did a trial last night. Alhamdulillah I was successful! weehhuu!! just a simple dishes but this is the first time! excited giler nak mampos! haha.

ok. finish. the end. thanks for reading =)