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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where's my brain.....

Hi uolls. Everybody are fine right? Me too. Hmm not so fine actually. U know, my brain is actually going to damage. Argh ship! I'm using my brain to think about those bs things. I force myself to do something that i really2 hate! While the hitherto my brain still didn't function so well. Too many things that i already forget. I even cant remember on the day my lil bro got his UPSR result. I forgot to do this and that. I forgot that i need to attend my friends' wedding even i already response "going". Ah! How terrible my life right now. The worst thing is i forgot my family's birthday. Its not about forget to wish but its about forget the date! I know their birth-date but i don't whats date on that day. In my brain, i was in a date back/forward from the real date. Is it because of factor of aging? But i only 24 ok! Opss. 25 already. hahaha. How come my brain be like this? Ah what should i do? Seriously i need something to make me back to normal. Shopping? Ah its a good therapy but it doesn't work at all to me even I spent all of my money. I spent lot but still cant release my tension. Holiday? Maybe. But where? When? With who? ................ *still thinking what should i do*

P/s: ...............................

Happy ASB 2013!

Hye uolls!! wah2 kemain semua kat facebook, twitter, instagram menghapdet azam 2013, mengepost gambar celebrate new year bagai. huhu. ceh! cakap orang kemain, aku sendiri pon 2x5! hahaha. Tapi azam aku tahun ni memang sangat mencabar aku.


Haish. Sangat mencabar uolls! hahaha. poyo. ok actually nak gitau cemana Maybank celebrate our 2013. hihik. We celebrate it on the 2nd day with ASB! hamek kau dah macam lautan orang jer kat counter ni. memasing gasak nak hapdet and withdraw ASB. Almaklumler memasing ade ASB Loan. Dividen menimbun2 ler. huhu. For those yang belom ade ASB Loan tu, dinasihatkan amek ler ASB Loan. Kaya uolls! takde kayap2 ni. hahaha.

ok la. need to continue my work. daaaa.

ASB Dividen + Bonus: 8.90%