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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where's my brain.....

Hi uolls. Everybody are fine right? Me too. Hmm not so fine actually. U know, my brain is actually going to damage. Argh ship! I'm using my brain to think about those bs things. I force myself to do something that i really2 hate! While the hitherto my brain still didn't function so well. Too many things that i already forget. I even cant remember on the day my lil bro got his UPSR result. I forgot to do this and that. I forgot that i need to attend my friends' wedding even i already response "going". Ah! How terrible my life right now. The worst thing is i forgot my family's birthday. Its not about forget to wish but its about forget the date! I know their birth-date but i don't whats date on that day. In my brain, i was in a date back/forward from the real date. Is it because of factor of aging? But i only 24 ok! Opss. 25 already. hahaha. How come my brain be like this? Ah what should i do? Seriously i need something to make me back to normal. Shopping? Ah its a good therapy but it doesn't work at all to me even I spent all of my money. I spent lot but still cant release my tension. Holiday? Maybe. But where? When? With who? ................ *still thinking what should i do*

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